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Henley Hazel Romine

What are you doing today, July 19, 2014? For most people it will just be a normal Saturday. But for the Romines, they are remembering that one year ago they said good-bye to their 4 year old daughter, Henley Hazel. Henley passed away from a disease called, Neuroblastoma, which she battled for 3 years. I know for me as an adult, that would feel like a really long time to fight. That is what Henley did. She fought and fought her nasty disease and she always found a way to smile. I guess she learned it from her Mom and Dad, because Lynsey and Grant always found a way to smile too. I know they cried and struggled and felt defeated and I'm sure Henley did as well, but they always found a way to hope again. I always admired them for that. I'm guessing that today feels extremely difficult for them to face and surreal that its been one full year without their beloved daughter and for Cooper to be with out his sister. I'm sure they have so many sad memories of this day and remembering Henley slipping away. Death is never pretty. It is agonizing, ugly and painful. But, again, they are finding a way to smile and celebrate that Henley was here and now she gets to be disease free in Heaven. They chose to celebrate today as Henley's first Heavenly Birthday or "Bee-day" as they say. I love that and I admire them for finding hope in the middle of a very difficult time. Today I want to honor them for that and I want to honor Henley. I want to remember her and her infectious laugh. I want to remember her for her spunk and ability to face so many difficult moments in her treatments against cancer. I want to remember and honor the love she brought into her family. I want to honor her for the friend that she was to Wayland. She showed him that having ports and "tubies" and taking medicine and going to the doctor can be ok. I think they found a way to connect and be brave together in their battle. Henley, we honor you for fighting like you did and for being YOU! Henley Hazel Romine, we will never forget you.

Love and prayers to the Romines today. We wanted to share this video as a way to honor and remember sweet Henley and the friend she was to Wayland. Please take a moment to watch and remember the Romines in your thoughts and prayers and the legacy Henley leaves behind.

Love from Indy,

Amber, always Wayland's mommy

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My original endeavor was to share our story of losing a child to a brain tumor and our journey to help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. That is not changing, but our journey is. Let me take you along. 

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