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Brain Freeze Challenge


Here are the simple instructions for the Brain Freeze Challenge:

 Drink :  (at least) a 16oz. slushy or shake as fast as you can, while recording your ensuing Wayland's Warriors Brain Freeze.

Post :  your video to the Wayland's Warriors Facebook page or tweet to @waylandswarriors

Donate:  to The Wayland Villars DIPG Foundation:

Challenge:  2 others to do the Wayland's Warriors Brain Freeze Challenge. 

Be a "Warrior" and accept the challenge in the fight against brain stem tumors!


A Cookbook!  Two of my favorite things are cooking and eating!  If you are like me, I am often trying to find tips and tricks for the kitchen and new recipes to please everyone.  Therefore, I wanted to create a cookbook that will provide some yummy, family friendly recipes as well other tips to help you get organized.  Our cookbook, Warrior Food, is now available for sale. All of the proceeds from go towards our mission of funding research and helping local families affected by DIPG. Click the "Shop" tab to purchase your copy today!


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